The Framework is the intersection of age-old advertising strategies and the science of decision-making, applied to today’s toughest marketing and sales challenges.

It draws from billion-dollar brand strategies, Harvard research, and Nobel laureate work on influence, but results in practical application.

In this book, Gerry O'Brion combines his years as a corporate executive with over a decade of real-world experience implementing the Framework in companies around the globe.

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From his foundations at P&G to rolling out the blue mountains on Coors Light, Gerry has influenced millions of customers to buy. They Buy Your Because  makes his strategies accessible to everyone.

If you own a business, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

Jim Taylor | President

Sonic, America’s Drive-In

Ken Gray

The Because Framework will help you transform insights into what customers value and identify innovations you can create that your competitors simply can’t or won’t.

A terrific read with numerous examples illustrating key concepts.
I couldn’t put it down.

Ken Gray | Former Director of Innovation



Gerry once again hits the ball out of the park. They Buy Your Because provides practical, actionable insights that will help you understand your customers, provide more value, and grow your business.

An indispensable guide for leaders seeking to leverage Gerry’s wealth of experience building big brands.

Rob Goggins | President

Great Clips

Robin Kilbride 2

 Gerry is a master at simplifying value propositions into easy to understand Because statements. Working with Gerry helped us create a common language across our global organization.

This book is worth your time.

Robin Kilbride | President and CEO

Smithers-Oasis Company

the because framework will


Increase your influence


Drive more referrals


Close more sales


Increase customer trust


Align your organization


Deliver consistent messages


Increase innovation


Improve decisionmaking


Simplify your marketing


Streamline prospecting

Buy the book now! 

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Virtual and In-Person Formats

Learn how to maximize influence, close more sales and drive more referrals. As a senior executive for billion-dollar brands, Gerry created strategies, innovations, and advertising that sold billions of dollars of soap, beer, and burgers.

Put that experience to work for your audience.

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Multi-Company Workshops

Find Your Because

Join multiple executive teams for a one-day live workshop to implement the Because Framework. Unlock your Because and implementation plan with Gerry.

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Private Company Workshops

Find Your Because

Bring Gerry or a Because Certified Facilitator to your company for an intensive, custom session. Create your Becauses and implementation plan with 100% focus on your team and your business.




The six-page worksheets walk you through the process to use the Core Four questions to begin finding your Becauses. Use it with your whole team. The worksheets have been used by thousands of companies to get started with the Because Framework.
Digital Download.



This is the full 38-page workbook used by Gerry and his team in every live Because Workshop. It includes detailed instructions for all seven steps of the Because Framework, best practices, and pitfalls to watch out for. It includes details about "universal" insights, innovation and execution.
Digital Download.



The most complete, comprehensive way to implement the Because Framework in your company. Includes the full Because Workbook and in-depth video instruction from Gerry every step of the way. Options available for teams of one to teams of hundreds.
Live, virtual instruction from Gerry or his team can be added.

Online Course 2

Starting at $975

Gerry O'Brion Unlocks the Power of Because

to close more sales in crowded markets

While at P&G, Coors and Red Robin, Gerry led strategy and advertising development that sold billions of dollars of soap, beer and burgers. On the Coors Light brand, Gerry helped launch innovations that grew the brand by $250 Million.

Gerry’s Because Framework has been presented to over 50,000 CEOs, business owners, franchisees and sales teams.

Work with Gerry to unlock the power of Because for your industry or company to become the #1 choice in your market.


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