Private Because Workshop

Unlock the POWER OF BECAUSE in a custom workshop for your company.

You will have Gerry focused fully on your business before, during and after the session. Clarify your message. Drive innovation. Close more sales.

Mike Stiles

"The Day Amazed Me."

“The things that came out of this meeting amazed me. We came out with a great, condensed, focused message that we’ll put on the road with our customers.”

Mike Stiles  | CEO, R&D Leverage

R&D Leverage

Accelerate Your Success

A private one or two-day strategy session with Gerry to implement the Because Framework in your organization.

Create Your Because

Clarify messages, drive innovation, gain alignment.

Close More Sales

Maximize every customer interaction.


To your strategic objective.

Maximize Results

Intensive, exclusive strategy session.

  • A fully custom, private session for your company to implement the Because Framework.
  • Complete Because keynote address from Gerry for an unlimited number of participants from your company.
  • Dedicated focus before, during and after your session.
  • A detailed workbook including complete descriptions of each exercise.
  • Gerry’s proprietary One-page plan template.
  • One-page Because framework template.
  • Digital downloads of all materials.
  • Presentation PDF.
Workshop pics-min

How We'll Work


Phase One

Discovery and Alignment

Gerry will collaborate with your key stakeholders to co-create a customized one or two-day program. This includes pre-meeting calls to clarify goals and pre-work for both the company and individual participants.

Phase 1
Phase 2


Phase Two


Before the in-company session each participant will complete pre-work to jumpstart the process. Gerry will read and analyze all the pre-work to prepare your custom session and hit the ground running.


Phase Three

Planning Session

Day One: Create your Because.

The day kicks off with Gerry’s “Becoming the #1 Choice in a Crowded Market” keynote to introduce the Framework. Then, Gerry will lead your team through understanding and implementing the Because Framework to craft your own powerful Because statements.

Day Two: Implementation Plan

Your team will work with Gerry to refine the outcomes from day one and create an implementation plan including who will do what and when to implement the Framework in every influence point in your business.

PHASE 3-min
Brand Accelerator Report Results, conclusions, recommendations.


Phase Four

Results and Recommendations Report

Gerry will summarize the day, refine the outcomes and provide recommendations. The report will include objectives and accomplishments, key insights, messaging points, powerful Because statements, and next steps.


Phase Five


Gerry is available to follow up with your team as you enter the implementation phase, including designing and executing a launch day/event. Gerry is happy to answer follow-up questions and provide feedback on your work as it progresses.





shows you how to create messages, innovation, and disruption to become the #1 choice in your market


Who are you influencing?

Specificity gives confidence, drives referrals, and gets results.

What are your insights?

What is the proof that you will deliver differently or better than your competition?

What is the outcome you are promising?

What's in it for them?

What is your Because?

What is the proof that you will deliver differently or better than your competition?

Innovate and iterate

Create your Because if you don't have one.

Create your Because Platform

Tie together your insights, outcome, and Because to close the sale.
Because Platform

Execute across every decision point

Insert your because everywhere you need to influence, drive a decision and close the sale.

What Makes the Private Because program so great?

  • BECAUSE this session has received rave reviews over and over from CEOs, executives and sales teams.
  • BECAUSE you’ll receive private, dedicated focus from Gerry.
  • BECAUSE the session is customized to your specific goals and objectives.
  • BECAUSE you’ll receive digital copies of all the resources used.
  • BECAUSE you’ll clarify your message and close more sales.
  • BECAUSE your team will collaborate and align on your future.

Gerry O'Brion Unlocks the Power of Because

to close more sales in crowded markets

While at P&G, Coors and Red Robin, Gerry led strategy and advertising development that sold billions of dollars of soap, beer and burgers. On the Coors Light brand, Gerry helped launch innovations that grew the brand by $250 Million.

Gerry’s Because Framework has been presented to over 50,000 CEOs, business owners, franchisees and sales teams.

Work with Gerry to unlock the power of Because for your industry or company to become the #1 choice in your market.


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