Create Your BECAUSE Workshop


They Buy Your Because!


  • Create your powerful BECAUSE in just  1-1/2 days
  • Collaborate with other executives
  • Align your organization by clarifying why customers buy from you
  • Uncover key insights to navigate your company
  • Guided, focused planning with Gerry for a full day

Create Your Because Workshop Description


There are a handful of key success factors that make the difference in companies that thrive. To be successful today it’s no longer good enough to do what you’re already doing faster or better.

Navigating in the new economy requires new skills and a different kind of plan. After coaching hundreds of companies, I’ve distilled the critical success factors into a simple, powerful strategic planning process.

The Business Accelerator is a one-day intensive program specifically designed to accelerate your success through an experience like no other.


  • Create a powerful BECAUSE
    – Clarify your message to attract your ideal customers
  • Align your team
    – Work together to hone your insights, outcomes and BECAUSES
  • Collaborate with other executives
    – A rare opportunity to work with other executive teams.
  • Develop an accountability plan
    Create an accountability plan that drives action.


Who should attend?  The top 4 to 6 executives from your team.

How long is the Workshop? 1 1/2 days.

Note: The workshop can also be done in a one day format, but there are many benefits of the extra 1/2 day.  Day one is spent executing the Because Framework in your company, the next morning we create the execution plan to put the Framework to work in your company.

Questions for Gerry?

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They buy the Because. What’s yours?

Why should you attend?  

BECAUSE your team will have one-on-one time with Gerry to work on your ‘because’ and ‘outcome’.

BECAUSE understanding and attracting your ideal customer is critical to growing your revenue.

BECAUSE taking the time to plan strategically too often takes a backseat to the daily grind.

BECAUSE navigating disruptive change provides the roadmap for a successful future.

BECAUSE accountability is the key to action and execution.


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